Because I have published my booklets as a single book, I am no longer permitted

to post it on my website. I encourage you, my visitor to, to

visit Amazon/kindle to see if you can borrow the book. If you cannot, please

consider purchasing the book at the very low price of $2.99, for I believe that

the scriptural truths in my book need to be implanted by the Holy Spirit into

the heart of every believer. Thank you and God bless as you endeavor to

be more like the Lord Jesus. Tom Hanson

 The cover of my six books. Are presented below. Please scroll down:





                        This is book number one                    



                        This is book number two!



                       This is book Number Three, Vol. 1 or a 3 Vol. Set



                       This is book number 4, Vol. 2 or a 3 Vol. Set


                      This is book number five, Vol. 3 of a 3 Vol. set




                      Book number six